RES Absolute Incredible Kid Day!

RES Absolute Incredible Kid Day!

As part of our March is Reading Month celebration


       PLEASE join us for…..
    Absolutely Incredible
               Kid Day

           Thursday, March 21, 2019                     8:30 am – 1:00 pm

Your words are powerful! 
  Researchers agree that encouragement from parents and family members can raise a young person’s self-esteem and can help them become more responsible. 

Take time to write a letter to your child and tell him/her how special he/she is. Tell them they are incredible just the way they are.
We would like to invite you to come to school and read your letter to your child on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Thursday, March 21, during the times listed above.

 In 1997, Camp Fire founded Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®—a national initiative to encourage the young people in our lives. Each year, millions of people use this day to write notes, letters, emails, social media posts, texts, etc, to the kids in their lives, celebrating their unique talents and telling them how awesome they are! Absolutely Incredible Kid Day takes place every year on the third Thursday of March.

Come into the office and we will call your child to join you in the lobby, where you can share your letter with your ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE KID!  What a GREAT way to spend 10-15 min. of your day!

If you are unable to come into school, we encourage you to share your letter with your child at home.                                                          

 This activity is partially funded through Title I Federal Grant dollars for Parent Engagement.