Essentials to Success

Essentials to Success with Mrs. Mcmillan

Every Thursday Kelly Alexander with Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union spends time in the Kindergarten and 4th grade classrooms to build financial literacy and money skills, with Jo McMillan’s Essentials to Success class.


This week Kelly worked with kindergarten on coin recognition with a hands on activity to wiggle and move around the room matching up coin front and backs, value and letters.  Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to color images of coins.


4th graders had the opportunity to sharpen their debate skills while having class discussions of what might be a want or a need
Items were presented such as an IPhone, toothbrush, house, Pepsi or sweatshirt.  Students had to choose and defend their opinion. 
 Afterwards, the  students had an opportunity to discuss what is knowing the difference between a need or a want important with money.